23 October 2007

Working With Large Paper

Seems as though every time I get myself ready to start a new print I get a flurry of illustration jobs. That happened again this week, but this morning I took some time before work and printed a round on my new Bethlehem print. It was a test of my new kento system, and happily it worked well. Here are photos of placing the paper on the block.

The paper is grasped with two hands in what is called a "scissor grip." I place my thumbs on the notches I've cut that correspond to the two kento guides.

I hold the paper in a curved shape to keep it from dropping into the ink on the block.

First I bring my left hand down and line up the paper notch with the matching kento notch. Then, keeping my thumb on the paper to hold it in place, and maintaining the overall curve of the paper, I guide the edge of paper in my right hand into the other kento guide.

Keeping my thumbs on the kento and paper, I let go of the paper with my other fingers and allow it to fall onto the block.


Magic Cochin said...

That's going to be so satisfying when you take the paper off of see a good impression! I love the concentration needed to do a good print.

And I totally sympathise about being side-tracked by illustration work coming in. Three weeks to go before a Christmas Art Fair and what happens - sample work and then the first batch of a huge Geography project appear out of the blue! (Editors never give any warning these days..... I wonder why?)


insatsuya said...

very nice working and easy to do, yes Im so doing too, thank zou for perfect snaps.realy good, my students will see it now too,

Beth Zentzis said...

Thanks Annie (and Lynne?). These photos are immensely helpful and informative. When I get back to printing, I will do this technique because I too want to work large for some pieces, but didn't know how to go about it. Great photos.