22 November 2005

One of Two Blocks

I carved the first block today. In my quest for a more streamlined and spontaneous process, I'm planning to make this print with just two blocks. This will be the background plate and I'll be printing multiple impressions from it with some added carving between impressions (the reduction method).


Anonymous said...

What kind of wood are you using?

Annie B said...

Hi Marissa,

This is shina plywood from McClains Print Supply. It's very clear, so if you don't want grain it's good to use. Also doesn't warp from all the water used in moku hanga. The drawback is that it chips easily, so fine detail is difficult to achieve.

Anonymous said...

Funny. I use Shina from McClains exclusively but this didn't look like it to me. Looked almost like cherry. How odd!

I LOVE McClains

Braidwood said...

I love you! That's all I'm saying, just wanted to let you know.