28 November 2005

Second Block for "Climbing"

I wish I had started doing woodblock when I was younger, before I needed reading glasses. A couple of weeks ago I ordered one of those magnifying visors from Dick Blick. I look pretty ridiculous wearing it, but check out the butterfly I was able to carve on this second block! I didn't think shina plywood could hold that much detail. Now I know it was my eyes that were the problem.


Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

What tools do you use? Could you maybe show a detail shot of the butterfly?

That visor will be another thing on my wishlist for Christmas.

Annie B said...

You can see the tool set I use here. I like them a lot, and there are no tools in the set that I don't use. What do you carve with?

I'll put up a closeup of the butterfly soon. Thanks for asking.

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

I have seen those tools for sale individually on McClain's but they are way too much for me. I use their standard quality tools and like them quite a bit. Still, I would love to have a set like yours. Wasn't it a lot with shipping?

Annie B said...

Expensive, yes. I'm finding this to be an expensive hobby. I'm hopelessly in love, though. Hopefully the prints will begin to support themselves in the not so distant future.