08 August 2013

More White Line Grid Printing


Here’s where things stand after another day of printing. The source for this is a photograph over which I placed a grid in Photoshop, and I’m trying to roughly match the color of each square. Which, of course, is impossible. I’m flying by the seat of my pants, as they say. It’s an experiment, and there’s no doing it over again because I’m ‘reducing’ the block — carving away parts of it prior to each new color application. The color balance is not much like the photo any more, but like I said, there’s no going back in this process.

So it’s full of surprises and not at all how I thought it would look, but it’s definitely fun. I’ll be back at it again tomorrow, and I’ll show you what happens.


Celia Hart said...

Gosh! This is interesting. I love pixelated images ... can't think of a more old fashioned word for it ... as a student I collected lettering from cross stitch samplers and compared them to digitising type (yes I know, pretty geeky!)

This is like tapestry or patchwork. It must me interesting working out each stage.

Annie B said...

Geeky is one of the qualities I like in you, Celia! I've been thinking of cross-stitch as I've worked on this piece. And tapestry and rug hooking. It's been fun and interesting and exciting, as well as frustrating and a little overwhelming. Nice mix!!