22 September 2005

Finally Printing!

How could I have forgotten that every September is like a runaway freight train? Between the rigors of domestic life, a new Japanese language class I've started, and a sudden influx of illustration projects I'm afraid that woodblock printing has fallen to the bottom of my to-do list. Today I decided to just do it, so I took the day off and managed to print the first two blocks for the "Heaven On Earth" print. I had tried to start last night, but the paper was too dry, so I had to wait another overnight until the paper was the proper dampness.

Since so many of my friends have told me that this design is their favorite, I decided to do a large edition of 50 prints. I'm using Rives heavyweight again.


Anonymous said...

I am so excited to see this Annie!

Mindy Wilson

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie,

Getting areas of flat colour depends on having a flat block, flat paper and flat ink. If you are getting white spots in the same areas of successive impresions, the block needs more sanding. If the paper is not moist enough it will not lie down flat on the block. Good quality washi will print better than western paper bacause it is flatter, stronger and will hold more ink. If you do not drive the paper down hard enough with the baren imperfections in the paper surface will miss out on the ink. If you do not use enough starch the ink will crawl on the block and result in pale spots. Likewise if your brush is rough the ink will form pale streaks. One way to achieve a more uniform area of colour is to print twice, brushing at right angles and building up the intesity of colour.

Cin said...

so looking forward to seeing the final, yes, one of my favorites!