23 September 2005

My Own Worst Enemy

My inclination toward laziness is my worst enemy in this endeavor. Last night after I printed those two blocks I just knew that I was going to need to print that blue sky again because it wasn't strong enough to make the stars really pop. But I so didn't want to print it twice. I'm really quite impatient with the printing process. Thankfully, Tom's comments yesterday gave me that extra nudge, and tonight I hit the sky again with a deeper blue. It looks way better, I think. And I got the first layer done on the skin tones, too.

One thing I'm really pleased with is that, unlike my previous prints, I haven't had to do any touch-up carving on these blocks so far. Something I'm not so pleased with is the bit of blue ink that bled into the skin color on the hands. I probably should have printed light colors first, then dark.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie,

The sky looks much improved to me, it has a feeling of deep space. Two impressions is not really excessive. Three might look even better! Printing the light tones first is a good idea. Dark ink will transfer from the print to the lighter blocks and then when you brush the block it will smudge back onto the print. Sometimes this transfer can be useful as it can indicate areas that could use a little extra carving.
If you are printing an edition of 50 it is a good idea to be certain of where you are heading. I would do a series of trial prints where all the colours and the impressions are worked out to your complete satisfaction. Aim to make an edition that you are entirely happy with and you will feel a lot better about the work you put into it.