22 December 2005

Happy Holidays

This is me and my dog Ty, who keeps me company in my studio. Ty is quite happy that I've taken up woodblock printing, because he's very partial to wood. He sits under my desk when I'm carving and nibbles on wood chips.

Warm holiday wishes to everyone from me and Ty.


Karen Mojo said...

Merry Christmas
All the best for 2006

Ellen Shipley said...

I shudder to think what Freya will do when she catches site of a woodcut... =8-[ ] "Wood" that she'd only nibble on the chips. ;-]

Merry Christmas!

Cin said...

happy holidays to you too, looking forward to Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Annie, I love The Invitation. It's so centering. Happy New Year to you and Ty and Lynne. Kathy

Andy English said...

Seasons greetings to you! Warmest wishes from Andy

Patty said...

hi ya!
neat pic of you two
happy new year and keep up all this great art

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie, I wonder if you could do a woodblock from a katsuo boshi chunk? (I just clicked on a year at random from your archives and here's where i've landed). I just thought of that idea after reading that Ty likes wood chips. I bet he'd love eating katsuo boshi chips... Have you ever seen those wood-like chunks of authentic dried bonito?
...just amusing myself between writing and organizing paragraphs in my paper. I love this photo of you and Ty.