11 December 2005

Inking Small Areas

Next I cut away everything that had printed blue through the stencil except for a few small square areas that I wanted to print in a second color. I read somewhere that the Provincetown white line woodcut artists used a method where they painstakingly applied colors with small brushes, so I thought I'd use a small brush to apply color to these little squares. It worked well.

I also changed my print setup a bit after reading feedback from Mike Lyon in the comments two posts ago. Brilliant! Having the paper above the block rather than to the side offers much more economy of movement. Thanks, Mike.


Mike Lyon said...

:-) my pleasure (but not 'my' idea, of course)...

Anonymous said...

Your prints are wonderful.
I Whiteline print and have been at it for two years.
I find attaching paper at the top, or where-ever convenient also allows for economy of "board use"
I cut small prints in the margins of large boards where a large image leaves me room. I tape the paper for the image to be printed, over a image I'm not using. I buy big boards for images of 18 or 20 inches and carve small images on the "left over" space.This is getting too long. Nice to have a printer to tlk to.