08 December 2005

Uses Snow Days Wisely

Tomorrow we're expecting a "snow day" in Massachusetts, so tonight I'm making plans to take advantage of the situation and do some woodblock work. The next print I'll be doing is called The Invitation and I'm planning to do it all on one block with a stencil and several reduction stages. I'll be using this simple sketch as the starting point and then drawing additional elements on the block as I proceed.

Already, after having made just 8 prints, I feel like I'm beginning to develop a method of working that feels natural to me. I'm feeling less inclined to doing lots of intricate blocks like I used for the Power of Tea print and more drawn towards using fewer blocks, working with the reduction method. I've been doing rough color studies on the computer beforehand, since the computer is the medium I know best, and then figuring out the most economical way to execute the design. Thinking about overprints and what order to print things is like doing a puzzle, and once I've sketched out a design I find myself pondering how to cut and print it at all hours of the day and night. Sometimes I even dream that I'm printing. By the time I get to actually creating the print I feel very familiar with it.

So hopefully tomorrow I'll get a chance to start this.

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